George & Betty White Foundation

George E & Betty J White Foundation & SWRP genesis

George & Betty White shared a passion for philanthropy as evidenced by a lifetime of generous donations to a multitude of local, state and national organizations.

Betty created the George & Betty White Foundation in 1993 after her beloved George passed away. Staying true to their mission, Betty was inspired to dedicate the remaining 100 acres of their Sundance cattle ranch to be designated in-perpetuity as a non-profit, public access park.

She envisioned scores of visitors who would explore and sojourn beneath the majestic Sundance Mountain. Betty's dream was to have people enjoy Sundance White Ranch Park's diverse Wyoming ecosystems and in her final months she thrilled at the thought of children’s laughter and bustling activity cascading down the mountainside.

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Public access to the Sundance White Ranch Park is the result of a loving gift to the community and visitors by the George E. & Betty J. White Foundation.

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