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Sundance White Ranch Wildlife

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

A variety of wildlife are currently or have been present, including, white tail and mule deer, mountain lion, bald eagle & hawks, woodchucks, squirrels, meadowlarks & birds, and bull & rattle snakes. With both high and low elevations, pastures and lowlands, the White Ranch Park sees many species passing through along the drainages, which provide good cover, down to Sundance Creek.

As you head out to explore the area please be respectful of any wildlife you encounter. The best way to learn about wildlife is through quiet observation. Feel free to photograph wildlife from a safe and respectful distance. We ask that you refrain from feeding or disturbing wildlife in the park. Please do not stress, feed or touch wildlife. Pack out your trash so that wildlife cannot consume harmful food or packaging. Hunting, fishing and trapping are not permitted in Sundance White Ranch Park.

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Public access to the Sundance White Ranch Park is the result of a loving gift to the community and visitors by the George E. & Betty J. White Foundation.

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